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The Client Focused Advisor

The CFA program is the only work of its kind. It teaches you how to read the person in front of you, prospect, client, manager, co-worker or anyone you desire to influence. Before you finish shaking hands, you will know the other person’s communications
style, values and preferred decision process.

The CFA program shows you the most effective way of “speed reading” people ever developed.

Ever wonder why you click with some people, but with others you’re like oil and water? People are so different. That extends to how
they make decisions. Why some prospects make decisions only after careful study of all the data, while others ignore the data and rely on gut or testimonials.

Decision-making style is just one of dozens of ways in which people differ. To succeed at a higher level, you need to learn how to tell them apart and how to appeal to them. That’s where the Client Focused Advisor program comes in. We’d be foolish to proceed as if their decision-making style mirrors our own.

You will learn specific steps to enhance your ability to build trust and create instant credibility.

Performance Systems has been teaching the CFA model which will enhance virtually any relationship and is especially applicable to improving sales results,
team performance , coaching and leadership effectiveness.

The CFA program integrates the latest research from Neuroscience and Behavior Psychology and is a perfect fit for advisors and professionals who utilize a Consultative Sales process. Our model was developed in partnership with Tony Alessandra, Take Flight Learning and About People.

The benefits of attending this dynamic workshop include:

  • Improve team synergy, motivation and communications
  • Tailor your presentations to meet the needs of all (4) Buying styles
  • Utilize the FAIR model to improve results with all buyer types and roles
  • Learn the language that increases receptivity and triggers commitment
  • Learn how to dramatically increase the quality and quantity of Referrals
  • Double your pipeline by understanding buyer motivation and decision style
  • Improve Communications and Advocacy
  • Accelerate the decision process and improve the predictability of sales results
  • Improve relationships with clients, colleagues and family members.
  • Program participants will receive a 27 page personal assessment/workbook.

Program options include: 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour or full day implementations, a Pocket reminder card, and/or a copy of Face Values or The Chameleon for reinforcement

"If anyone is looking to jump start their business to improve results, this program is a must!" ---- Jay Edwards GFS®, ChFC®, AIF®, CFP, CHFC, CLU, CFBA

Facilitated by Paul Scaffidi who knows what it takes to get results.

To download a brochure cfa-chameleon-selling.pdf

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