The Sales Audit Program

Ideal for Business Owner/CEO checkup!

The Sales Audit provides leadership and management with an in-depth and unbiased perspective on the quality and capability of their sales organization. 

The Sales Audit Process looks under the covers with a experienced and discerning eye with the objective of improving performance, productivity and profitability.

The SAP provides you with a detailed review of the sales organization, using a proven process developed over 30 years building successful sales organizations, including your personnel, infrastructure and selling methodology to meet the needs of today's environment. The SAP program provides you with a:

  • Detailed review of the critical elements and gaps that may exist in competencies, procedures and systems that impact sales productivity.
  • Insight on the infrastructure and the relationship between your internal organizations and how they may be impacting sales productivity including  marketing, operations, sales, customer service and finance).
  • Model of the the key roles including the behaviors, attitudes, values and skills needed to optimize results to improve sales, client satisfaction
    and retention.
  • Recommendation on how to re-engineer the sales organization to accelerate and improve performance and the reliability and predictability
    of your forecast and sales funnel.
  • System and methodology for recruiting & selecting high potential employees
  • Coaching program for developing your existing team to reach new levels in performance and productivity.
  • Recommended on-boarding process for fast starting new hires

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