Team Development

Building a high - performance team, practice or culture is not a simple task. There are many moving parts that can impact results.

It requires the right players, clarity, alignment and commitment. It starts with your vision and goals and a mission It requires a strategy, a mission (motivation) and specific tactics to attract and motivate high potential employees and the alignment of the organization and team members.

It also requires a sound strategy for accelerating results. This is where we come in!

We can help you build or refine your Vision to provide the direction, your Mission/Purpose and Goals and get alignment through strategic planning by an experienced facilitator to provide clarity and activate commitment.

Our team development program provides the leader or business owner with the tools, process and coaching support to build or enhance a team or organization,
of any size.

Program Highlights:

Vision, Mission and Goals  - Clarity is the first step in building a high- performance team or organization.  All too often the leader gives the plan to the team members and expects them to perform, be motivated and fully committed. This approach usually doesn’t work!!! People need to participate in the strategy and its development to stay committed. We help you create or refine your vision, build consensus and secure commitment.

The Level Breaker Assessment reviews all current functions, processes and procedures with an open and objective eye. It enables us to pinpoint areas for opportunity and development. As a by-product we create “customized” selection, on-boarding and development programs, create standards of excellence and build a methodology for tracking progress and rewarding performance.

Role & Position Definition during the Level Breaker Assessment process we learn what you need in terms of organizational structure and competencies to achieve your objectives. We learn your culture, leadership and management styles, environment and personnel. We help you build customized hiring profiles for key positions with a “personalized” development track for each team member.

Individual Assessments – our assessment tools are used throughout the process to improve team communications and synergy. These insightful and useful tools are highly accurate and versatile and can also be used for selection, sales,, leadership and customer service training, coaching and on-going personal development.

Implementation Planning – the implementation planning stage is where we put it all together. This is where we review the objectives, clarify expectations, test assumptions, brainstorm and review your options to pick the best strategy and create a unified plan of action. 

We help you develop goals and milestones, measurement and reporting systems and compensation strategies that are congruent and support your overall objectives.

On-going coaching support – our goal is successful implementation and getting results. 

We know that many consultants & consulting firms provide great upfront analysis and planning support but many fall short in supporting a successful implementation. We believe this is our key differentiation . Our team of subject matter experts and coaches provide you with the expertise and end-to-end implementation support to insure successful outcomes.

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