Talent Acquisition

Nothing is more important then selecting the right people, nothing!

Successful organizations understand the need to get selection and hiring decisions right – the first time. Making a bad hiring selection is costly to an organization’s performance and bottom line.

According to Peter Cappelli, Professor of Management and Director of its Center for Human Resources at the Wharton School , "Businesses have never done as much hiring as they do today. They've never spent as much money doing it. And they're never done a worse job of it."

A recent study by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), it could cost up to five times a bad hire’s annual salary.

A recent Career Builder study revealed the true costs of a bad hire must include lost productivity, client relations, lost sales, recruiting and training costs
and 27 percent of employers in the U.S. reported that a bad hire cost them more than $50,000.”

There is no more important issue for building a high performance team, practice or culture than selecting the right people!

The Levelbreaker Selection System was designed to help ensure that you hire the best person for each job, role and/or team.

We start by developing a customized job profile, which only a few years ago was either impossible to create
or to expensive to justify. Due to technological advances we now have tools that once cost $50K now available at a fraction of the cost. We can now see an individual’s competencies, behaviors, attitudes & values and emotional intelligence required to perform the job with excellence.

This enables us to recruit with precision and build teams with the right competencies, social skills and attitudes. Our “Strategic Applicant profile”  enables you to hire the best candidate for a role, project or team. This helps avoid hiring a great person for the wrong job or role and complements our Priority Search service for finding and qualifying the best candidate for any key role.

We have found that the competitive advantage goes to the organization that hires the best people and puts them in positions where they can thrive and do their best work. The LB Selection System looks at all the dimensions for success including attitudes, values, behavior and competencies to complete the assignment with excellence and compares them to the specific needs of the job, team and/or organization.

Our consulting support and detail selection reports enable you to improve selection, performance and retention because the individuals selected are a great
match to the job requirements, the hiring manager and the company culture.

The reporting capability for comparing candidates is extensive and includes: Job Fit Analysis , Multi- Candidate Analysis. Collaboration and Team reports.

Note: All of the assessments used for selection can be used for one-on-one and team coaching, sales training, on-boarding, team & organizational
development and virtually any scenario where improved communications, teamwork and production are required and Failure is not an option.

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