Paul Scaffidi


Paul B. Scaffidi, founded PSA in the early 90’s after a 17 year successful track record developing large Accounts and territories
as a sales executive , manager and leader. He has more than thirty years of practical experience selecting High Impact People
and creating HIGH Performance teams and organizations.

His expertise includes sales, team building and leadership development. He helps his clients build talent acquisition and
selection systems and provides strategic coaching and implementation support for leaders, business owners and producers
who want to take their business and lifestyle to the next level.

What makes Paul unique is his ability to “personalize” his services to meet the specific needs of each client. As an early pioneer
of technology,  behavior psychology and neuroscience he understands the challenges of selling and leading and has sales systems and methodologies that enable his clients to simplify their operations to achieve extraordinary results.

As a Producer, Sales Manager and Executive, he learned the old fashion way – by doing it. Guided by his strategies, insights, training and coaching his organizations consistently broke records for performance, profitability and new account acquisition.

Today , he shares his tools and experience with leaders and producers in small, medium and some of the largest and most respected companies in the world including: John Hancock, Comcast Communications, Mass Mutual, Level 3 Communications, Northwestern Mutual Life, Premier Global Communications, and many small to medium size firms including Foresight Financial Management, Capital Financial Management, Lifetime Strategies Group, The Telge Group, Granite Financial Partners,
Herbert J. SIMS, Merrill Lynch, Cellstar Communications, Café Services, Direct Power and Steritech Corporation.


Prior to founding Performance Systems, Paul held the positions of Vice President of US Sales for Sprint Corporation ,
Vice President National Sales for Cable & Wireless Communications and Senior Director for Codex/Motorola where he had
direct responsibility for National Sales, Recruiting and Sales & Management development.

In his spare time, Paul is an active sports enthusiast – having played linebacker at the University of Connecticut. He embraces 
the whole-person approach to living. He keeps in top physical shape, and counsels his clients and friends on the most effective ways to sustain high energy and performance through smarter management of their mental, physical and spiritual assets. 
Beyond that, Paul and his lovely wife Rose live in Huntersville, North Carolina with their beautiful dog Zeus.

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