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Your personalized “whole person” Level Breaker© coaching system has had a great impact on me personally by helping me integrate my business vision, mission and personal goals, something that I believe is unique and usually missing in the life of many advisors and small business owners. The depth and breathe of your guidance and experience has helped me build my team and the infrastructure necessary to support a referral only practice.
— Jay Edwards, Advisor, CLU, ChFC, CFP, AEP, Granite Financial Partners, LLC (NFP)   

“Paul’s process focused coaching style has truly helped me take my business to the “next level”. He has helped me implement systems that will allow my business to grow year over year. The nice thing is while we have implemented systems for scaling the business and creating a referral only practice, his immediate impact cannot be understated. Since working with Paul my production has increased by 300 %, and I’ve already beat my best year ever, with 3 months remaining. His focus and awareness of the client trust building has helped me improve performance, client satisfaction and referrals. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who is truly committed and passionate to being their best” — Kyle Sanders, Advisor, Legacy Partners, LLC.

“Paul helped my remove the glass ceiling I placed on my potential. He is an “out of the box” thinker and a relentless learner. Paul delivered the world of possibility to me and helped double my production over a two year period. He guided me toward finding my blind spots, laying a foundation that has been with me for the past 15 years. I have addressed my peers on several occasions and he is almost always mentioned as the man who opened my eyes to what I am really capable of. Paul is a true professional!”
— Jeff Photiades CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

“You gave me the direction and support I needed to break through the glass ceiling. For that, I will be forever grateful.” — Tom Ostrowsky, Advisor, ChFC, CLU, Beacon Financial Partners, NFP

“Your background in the computer industry and your commitment to human behavior has put you in a unique place to provide real value. Although I have been a top agent for NML you have enabled me to break through to yet another level of productivity. The most important part is that you helped me do it more effectively which has enabled me to reach my lifestyle goal as well.” — Greg Telge, MSFS, CFP, CLU, ChFC, REBC, AEP Advisor, The Telge Companies

“Paul you are one of the few coaches I have met who truly understands all the pieces to building and sustaining a high performance financial services practice. Over the past two years you helped me fine tune my marketing, referral sales process, build my practice infrastructure and develop my support team. Your Level Breaker™ coaching program has helped me take our business to the next level by implementing Best Practices models for Sales, Marketing and Client Development. Thanks, — Gerald Radican , Financial Advisor, CLU, ChFC, CLTC”, Mass Mutual

“Paul is an experienced thinker who is very knowledgeable and understands the key issues that need to be addressed, the tools and processes that need to be implemented and the important metrics to measure success. He has a clear process for working with advisors that can significantly increase advisor performance in the areas of client development and practice management. I would recommend Paul to any advisor looking for a competent coach who understands the issues advisors face in trying to improve and advance their practices.” — Tim Alessi, Advisor, Woodbury Financial

Paul has been a huge value to my practice in 6 months of working together. He is an excellent source of both general ideas and specific resources that have helped to further my practice in many ways. He is a major player in helping me stay on pace for and reach my 2010 goals. There is no doubt I have become better at what I do and a more well rounded person thanks to some changes I’ve implemented at his recommendation.” — Phil Kostaroff, Advisor, CFP, Midwest Financial Partners

“I wanted to make a few comments on the Level Breaker Program. First, I have set realistic goals for production, including new accounts and assets. I have developed a Personal and Business Mission statement, which is providing me with a framework in which to operate. It has helped me become aware of certain shortfalls and I now have a plan to correct them. It forced me to do certain things such as prospecting, which are painful but necessary to succeed.  It has helped me prioritize my time so that I can achieve those things that are most important. (Business, Family, and Personal)” — Mark Fiskio, VP Investments, Merrill Lynch

“It’s hard to describe in words how Paul Scaffidi and his system have immensely enhanced my business. The most important aspect of what he does, in my opinion, is to push the entrepreneur outside his/her comfort zone in order to attain growth in multiple arenas of both one’s career and life. Paul has remarkably proven his value over and over in the short time that I have known and worked with him. My business has become much more systematized and predictable just from implementing a few new strategies. Change is tough, but he made us believe in an end result that came to fruition through the implementation of his processes. I would recommend Paul as a personal business or life coach to whomever would like to take themselves to the next level!”
— Beau Browning, CLTC, LPL Financial LLC

“Paul’s good work helped us take our business up several levels. His coaching skills kept our team inspired and focused on the right things.”
— Harold Losey, Advisor, RBC Dayne

“”If anyone is looking to jump start their business and ways to improve and perfect their skills, this program is a must!” — Steve Freeman, Senior Agent,  LUTCF, CAS, Mass Mutual Financial Services, LLC.

I am writing to you today to say thank you for all of the help you have provided over the last nine months. With your help, I have been able to introduce more of the services that my office and network of specialists can offer. The process has been painful for me, like when you “hold up the mirror”.  However, this has helped me to focus more on my goals, which in turn has allowed me to offer more planning opportunities, and show my clients what my business is all about.  My clients now see me as a more integral part in their overall insurance and financial planning process. I can see my staff through different eyes, thanks to your personality profiles.   I am learning to leverage my time so that I am not working as hard but getting better results.   The end result has been an overall increase in my business and an office that runs much smoother. If any of your potential clients would like to call on me regarding our working relationship, please give them my name and number. I will gladly tell them about how you have helped me to improve my business. — Robert P Quinn, CLU, Northwestern Mutual Life

“I would like to report so of the changes that I have made since the beginning of the Level Breaker Program. In the area of organization I have completely redesigned my workspace, purchased an additional computer and contact management software, and refocused my marketing effort (401K). I have set long term goals for the first time and analyzed the motivation behind achieving these goals. In the area of self improvement, I have been listening to tapes for the first time and have started a speed reading and negotiation program. I continue to review your outstanding tapes which you included in the program and continue to get new ideas.” — Tim Cavanaugh, VP Investments, GUGGENHEIM SECURITIES, LLC

“This has been a very valuable experience, and I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who would like to become more effective and profitable in their sales activities.” — Jim Newcombe, CLU, ChFC, NML Advisor

“Your work has been great help to me. The insight that you have given me with respect to behavior styles has been particularly helpful in understanding how to relate with my clients and prospects. You have helped me identify more clearly my most important goals and this has allowed me to fine tune my business plan. Since your experience includes the high tech industry, you have brought a different perspective. The combination of all these factors helped contribute to producing my best year ever. Thanks again, — James T. Lovell, Advisor, CFP, CLU, ChFC, Northwestern Mutual Life

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank-you for all of your help. Over the weekend, I evaluated your impact on my business and personal life. All is good! We started our relationship and “counseling” (coaching). At that time I decided to reorganize and prioritize the different initiatives that were happening in my group. Because of the various “hats” I wear, production and management, it was becoming more critical to employ someone with your experience to assist in building
the necessary infrastructure. After doing varied personality assessments on my group, setting up and prioritizing specific tasks, and formulating a “game plan” for the future, I am happy to say that my group is now organizing itself to meet its maximum potential. But, more importantly, your hard work has helped my Group with leadership development and organizational efficiency, which has positioned us to accomplish very high levels of success, for ourselves and the clients we serve.”
— John Anastasia, Senior Vice President Wachovia Securities

Paul, the Level Breaker Program has created an environment and opportunity to improve myself awareness by analyzing my business and personal agenda in a positive way, with expert guidance. Items as obvious as time management have been dissected. It has enabled me to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. It has shown me how to prioritize and make action plans so that the high leveraged activities get completed. I am excited about what has yet to come. I believe it’s just the tip of the relearning curve. — Kevin Crovo, Advisor, Oppenheimer

“Paul has tremendously impacted my life in business by helping me work through challenges that I had been facing but more importantly he has impacted my life as a friend who I can draw knowledge and wisdom from through his own experiences in business and leadership.” — Larry Carlin, Advisor, World Financial Group

“Paul embodies the perfect coach – his passion, beliefs, and commitment to excellence differentiates him from all the other coaches that have approached me over the years. No doubt, Paul can help you take your business to the next levels and beyond!” — Bryon Foley, Adivor, CLTC, LUTCF, Foresight Financial Partners, Inc.

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Level Breaker ™ Program. The program has had a significant impact on me both personally and professionally. Personally, it helped me develop a Personal Mission Statement which helped me uncover my real goals and objectives. Professionally, I have developed a business mission statement which once again has led me to uncover my real goals. The results have lead to a defined target market and better focus. It has also had a significant impact on my personal development in the area of probing to discover client needs and to develop a better referral ability.”
— Glenn Caldicott VP Investments, Merrill Lynch

I would like to thank you for the Level Breaker Program. As a result I’ve adopted a new phrase that I believe is the key to my future success, “I’m responsible for my own actions.”  Often, it is all too easy to levy blame on others and market conditions. This phrase has become a daily beacon that guides me through my daily/weekly activities because ultimately I’m responsible for my business successes and failures. Organizationally I’ve started to manage my goals by creating “to do” lists , I’ve started to track both incoming and outgoing calls so that I can pinpoint where I’m spending my time. The strategic skill I’m implementing is goal setting, daily, weekly, monthly, and longer term. I look forward to the next phase where we can learn some new and exciting sales skills. — Ross Grant, AG Edwards

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Level Breaker Program As a result of this program I have instituted goals into my daily routine. I have established long-term goals and know where I want to be in three years. I am setting and implementing daily and weekly goals, both personally and professionally to get there. — Jay Maggio, VP Advest

“The Level Breaker ™ program featuring Performance Systems has been the best investment I’ve made in a long time”. I would recommend it to anyone serious about developing a lifetime system for sales success”. — Bill Thompson, Agent, NY Life  

“I believe Paul Scaffidi’s efforts have been invaluable to my career growth. His process of analyzing my personality and then making me aware of my inherent strengths and weaknesses allow me to connect strategically with the myriad of personalities I work with on a daily basis. Paul’s continual contact keeps my Vision clearly in focus and on the right path. I’m grateful that my agency hired Paul Scaffidi to work with us because his insight and proven processes will be pillars to my success.” — Norman Merlet, Agent, Midwest Financial Partners

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Level Breaker ™ Program. The program content and implementation approach has been very valuable in helping me redirect my marketing efforts and focus to asset accumulation while maintaining my transaction business. The value based approach is consistent with my values, objectives and long-term goals. The organizational and selling tools provided by the LB program have been outstanding and have helped to make the transition smoother and more successful.” — Warren Mulhearn, Broker, RBC Dayne

Paul, I wanted to share this with you and thank you for all your help in getting to this place.  After months of coaching, soul searching, and thinking about what I want from the rest of my life I have finally come up with my BHAG.  I am so excited about my future.  I am energized and passionate about my work.  I am putting the pieces together and have nowhere to go but up. Thanks for your support. — Janice Olson, Financial Advisor, National Life of Vermont

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